May’s Facebook Live

May’s Facebook Live

Well it hardly seems like five minutes since we were at April’s event with that fantastic Natalie Debrabandere and Bryan Steel. But that was before Easter and we’re well into May now, so it’s time for our interim online session for May’s Pow Wow Facebook Live.

If you recall from March, we’ll rock up on a sofa and talk nonsense for about 30 minutes whilst you laugh at our ineptitude. We promise to have the right orientation for this week’s broadcast.

We’ll be talking books again, but also announcing a couple of things too. ¬†We have secured the venue for June’s meeting on the 8th and we really don’t think this place is going to be closed (famous last words). We’ll be telling you all about it along with another project we have on the go.

Please join us in the Pow Wow Facebook group, from where we’ll broadcast live on Thursday 11th May, 6.30pm!

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