It’s Nearly Time for a POW WOW!

O. M. and indeed G. It’s nearly time for the first POW WOW Loughborough.

We’re beside ourselves with excitement. The response has been tremendous; it’s really heartwarming to know that people still want to carry on meeting just like us. We’ve had loads of tickets booked, but there is still more space if you’d like to come down for a great evening of speakers, chat, food and drink.

We’ve also decided to introduce a new feature: The POW WOW Book Swap.

The premise is simple: we’ve all read books that inspire us, whether a business, design, marketing or motivational book. But how often do you refer back to it after you’ve finished reading it? Sometimes, there’s a tome that stays with you forever, that you live by. You need to keep that. But for those books that were great, but where you’ve learnt and moved forward, why not inspire someone else rather than leave it on your shelf?

If you have any books that you’d like to swap for another inspiring read, please bring it with you on Thursday. We’ll have a corner dedicated to books that people would like to swap, and you can exchange yours for something new(ish).

Get sorting!

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