POW WOW is a community meetup, not a corporate event. No one is making any money out of this, but obviously, we’d love you to support the businesses that are putting the effort in to contribute something to this get together.

We couldn’t do any of this without the following supporters and we thank them with all our heart. Please go and visit them!

Bom Bom Patisserie            nickr

Become a Sponsor!

Can you help us to bring POW WOW to the people of Loughborough? It doesn’t cost a lot to make POWWOW happen, but it does cost. If you would like to become a formal sponsor of the event, either by providing a specific service that we need, or by contributing to the costs, you’ll receive the following bits of back-slapping:

  • Feature page on the website with contact links to your website, phone and social channels
  • Logo and recognition on all email marketing to POWWOW members
  • Social media content creation on the POWWOW accounts
  • Use of POWWOW media
  • POWWOW support of any marketing where you’d like to use the POWWOW name
  • Branded presence at the POWWOW event (if you wish)
  • General feeling of well-being as a result of contributing to the Loughborough community

Please contact us via Twitter or the contact form below.